About Us

Hi there, welcome to Globalwriters Publishing

Globalwriters Publishing is a group of passionate readers and talented indie authors from across the globe. Our goal is to curate a unique catalogue of interesting books by global indie authors. We put a lot of effort in bringing together different works from all over the world so passionate readers can find books they resonate with easily.

The people behind Globalwriters Publishing have written books, published books and are vivid followers of “yet to be known” global voices. We constantly channel our different experiences and locations to add unique value to this platform for both the book authors and the readers.

The team is growing rapidly and so is our catalogue of released and upcoming books

Every member of the team has valuable unique experiences that we channel to reach our collective goal. You can follow our journeys and experiences on the Globalwriters Publishing social media pages. Every now and then one team member takes over the socials to interact with our followers and share personal experiences. If you are interested in knowing more about the people behind the scenes, be sure not to miss social media takeover events!

Our global team is growing and all members bring in their unique skills that we channel to reach set goals.

We have team members located in:






South Africa



For readers

  • A well-curated catalogue of books by indie authors
  • Direct links on where to purchase books by indie authors
  • Free giveaways of ebooks, paperbacks, and more
  • Direct links to check out book reviews and leave feedback
  • Interesting blog articles entirely dedicated to books
  • Access to author videos, workbooks, webinar series, presentations, audiobooks, and more. 

For authors

  • Book writing, book editing, book design, book publishing, book distribution, and book marketing support.
  • Reach a unique audience of indie book lovers
  • Visibility via different Globalwriters channels (blogging, social media, events…)
  • Stripped back interactions with readers, including direct feedback.